Six Steps To Transforming Marketing Into A Strategic Asset

Last week I ran a session at Frost & Sullivan’s GIL: Silicon Valley (Growth, Innovation and Leadership) conference in Santa Clara. The session ran for 75 minutes and outlined for participants methods for driving digital transformation within organizations.  Many of the participants agreed with one…

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Wiring Your Consumer’s Brain

A couple of weeks ago, I spoke at Confluence, a cool digital marketing conference in Oklahoma City of all places.  Had a blast.  I introduced the concept of Neuro-Digital Marketing – the notion that digital marketing tactics, properly leveraged, can affect direct changes in a…

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Three Brain Marketing

What if I told you that conscious perceptions of the world are worthless? And that emotion and instinct rule our behaviors. Unfortunately for most marketers, we spend our time trying to affect conscious thought because we can easily relate to it. As data-driven CMO’s we…

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The Brains Behind Digital Marketing

Although a lapsed neuroscientist, I do a lot of thinking about how to elicit the right response in a consumer’s mind from the marketing strategies I create. Engaging with the non-conscious part of us is what is critically important for great marketing. Do you need…

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Where Do Brand And Omnichannel Deployment Intersect?

Today’s pace of change is causing many CMOs to struggle in the design of compelling customer interactions. As consumers demand more and more engaging omnichannel experiences, CMOs must add another arrow to their marketing quiver — the ability to deploy multiple and compelling channel-native experiences.…

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8 Clues to How Your Customers Really Think

A dozen years ago, Gerald Zaltman wrote a book that fundamentally altered the way I view markets and the consumers that inhabit them – How Customers Think  The lessons in this book have stayed with me and they provide the foundation for how I take companies to market.…

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Should Your Company Become a Holacracy?

With many eyes in the business world now watching the company-wide open experiment in next-generation business at Zappos that some have labelled a vital new management trend, we find it’s worth using this industry discussion to ask the question about how your organization is preparing…

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Digital Priorities for the C-Suite in 2015

Another year is upon us, even as many of us still seek to complete our digital priorities from 2014. For most CEOs and COOs — and especially CIOs/CDOs — 2015 will be a particularly interesting one as it’s largely a transition year for enterprise tech,…

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How to Improve Global Workforce Collaboration

One of the signature challenges of large organizations today is the unique set of issues they face when trying to improve the way their workers interact, communicate, and collaborate together. The collaborative environment in a typical enterprise is complex: A dozen or more time zones,…

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Video courtesy of Kevin HG