Our Differentiated Approach

We Deliver On Two Fronts

Our approach is designed to deliver more predictable, superior short-term results when applied to complex strategic activities, while simultaneously demonstrating and building our client’s durable and scalable future-of-work capabilities. Complex activities can range from strategy formulation decision support to the design and implementation of strategic initiatives to transitions of complex work modalities such as Lean and Agile.

While a traditional consulting firm delivers on one front (short term results), our network- and community-enabled capability delivers concurrently on two critical fronts. We believe this approach represents a solution to the “fix today or build tomorrow” dilemma.

Front 1: Accelerate Today’s Results

We accelerate delivery of high-impact short-term business results.

By blending best practices evolved from 35 years of consulting with leading-edge digital platforms, tools and future-of-work practices, Adjuvi delivers faster, more reliable, and more robust business results. The approach promotes transparency and inclusiveness, and it incorporates a dynamic vetting process to directly engage the affected workforce populations.

Benefits of the Adjuvi approach include geometrically increased workforce engagement, deep understanding and ownership of change, and significantly lowered risk of downstream unintended-consequences.

Front 2: Embed Tomorrow’s Capabilities

We embed the business social enterprise networks, enhanced enterprise execution practices, and learnings into your organization concurrent to acceleration of results delivery.

The cutting-edge technology-enabled process and tools increase workforce awareness and understanding of network and future-of-work practices. Our approach creates, and leaves behind, network- and community-building capabilities, improved employee digital literacy, a cutting edge process for experiential and continuous learning, and a knowledge base that is searchable and extensible. This knowledge forms the basis for learning-led innovation