New Models of Execution for Growth and Productivity

Focused On Accelerating Strategic Business Outcomes

Through the integration with your ongoing operations and leveraging your existing capabilities, we balance the focus and support on the five elements of Dynamic Social Networks to your strategic activity including:

  • Formalize your informal networks
  • Demonstrate network leadership
  • Manage through dual operating system
  • Engage the workforce
    • Experiential learning for outcomes
    • Professional community management
    • Right Tools for purpose
    • Hybrid adoption process
  • Catalyze learning-led innovation

Design, Launch & Management of Strategic Initiatives

We can help improve the design, launch and management of complex strategic initiatives by combining familiar, traditional delivery methodologies with social platforms, tools, concepts, etc. to execute with more speed, predictability, and control.

We work with you to create deeper, more robust short-term business-driven results, while, at the same time, demonstrating and developing innovative work practices.

Through experiential demonstration of a blend of these traditional and future-of-work practices, we embed learning and understanding of these powerful new and sustainable capabilities into the organization.

Complex Decision Making

We can help you ensure better recommendations and decisions through enhanced peer and subject matter expert team review guided by the following:

  • Streamlined vetting process
  • Outcomes focused
  • Strategically aligned
  • Transparency across the vetting team
  • Broader participation and inclusion

Typical results of a more collaborative vetting process

  • Ensure more robust results through multi-stakeholder review
  • Create a broader understanding among a larger group to accelerate change
  • Reduce time and cost through a platform support allowing asynchronous activity, particularly among geographically dispersed teams

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NextGen Work Modalities

Technology is enabling a number of exciting possibilities for how we work together and is fusing with emerging technical and business methodologies.  For example, adoption and integration of practices extracted from agile, lean, contemporary user experience (UX), gamification, human-centered design-thinking, rapid prototyping, etc. applied to an Adaptive IT-Business Customer interface and process can form an extremely responsive next generation capability for project-focused teams- significantly improving results, while dramatically reducing cycle time and cost.

These concepts can drive growth and productivity in an entire suite of traditional processes including product development, planning and development, and for that matter any process with digitally transformative elements.