Activating a Dynamic Social Network- A Vetting Case Study

Better Answers Through Vetting

Context A F500’s $ 3B NewCo spinout required building-out a new finance function. An external consultant developed a pre-vetting $ 36MM program for design and implementation.

Impact of Adjuvi’s vetting approach

  • Post-vetting recommended investment of $ 16MM, created a $ 20MM cost saving
  • Significant increase in recommendation ownership among 50 geographically dispersed finance leaders
  • Reduced risk of unexpected consequences;
  • Introduction and buy-in to new work practices
  • Creation of a more open and cohesive finance leadership team
  • Increased speed to business results

Adjuvi integrated a 5 week vetting approach with ongoing efforts. Effort included development and launch of a collaborative platform.

Support for the team including initial coaching of the leadership team in both approach and platform use. Additionally, we helped the client create common problem solving formats and final report-out templates to ensure consistency across functional teams for cross-team and executive review.

Dynamic social network included active community management including content curation and team meeting facilitation.

The vetting engagement addressed the following objectives

  • Increase involvement and understanding of new functional leadership in the proposed program
  • Pressure-test and refine the external consultant’s assumptions and recommendations
  • Develop functional leadership team’s prioritized recommendations for Executive Team consideration