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Dion Hinchcliffe

Should Your Company Become a Holacracy?

With many eyes in the business world now watching the company-wide open experiment in next-generation business at Zappos that some have labelled a vital new management trend, we find it’s worth using this industry discussion to ask the question about how your organization is preparing…

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Digital Priorities for the C-Suite in 2015

Another year is upon us, even as many of us still seek to complete our digital priorities from 2014. For most CEOs and COOs — and especially CIOs/CDOs — 2015 will be a particularly interesting one as it’s largely a transition year for enterprise tech,…

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How to Improve Global Workforce Collaboration

One of the signature challenges of large organizations today is the unique set of issues they face when trying to improve the way their workers interact, communicate, and collaborate together. The collaborative environment in a typical enterprise is complex: A dozen or more time zones,…

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